Welcome to the the Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA)

The Copyright Society of Malawi is an all-embracing society with over 4, 000 individual rights holders of musical works as members. It also has the following rights holder associations as members; Musicians Association of Malawi (MAM), Book Publishers Association of Malawi (BPAM), Visual Arts Association of Malawi (VAAM), Journalists Union of Malawi (JUMA), Malawi Writers Union (MAWU), National Theatre Association of Malawi (NTAM), Photographers Association of Malawi (PHOTAMA), Film Association of Malawi (FAMA), Poetry Association of Malawi (PAMA) and Malawi Folk Dance Music and Song Society  (MFODMAS). Its membership is therefore wide and varied. Through its work, COSOMA enables rights holders to receive royalties for use of their works; provides social welfare services to its members; and contribute to cultural development in the country through the protection of the rights of creative people.

COSOMA has two functions. It acts as a copyright office for the administration of the Copyright Law and it also serves as a Collective Management organisation. We are a non-profit making organisation which administers rights of thousands of authors, composers, publishers etc. including the right to reproduce their work.


Our mission is to secure fair payment for authors and publishers for the copying of their works while providing users with a legal means of copying. COSOMA acts as a channel between copyright owners and users by licensing organisations to copy, collecting a licence fee or royalty, and then distributing those fees to the right-holders who own the copyright. By ensuring fair payment to copyright owners, creativity and investment in the further development of works is encouraged.


COSOMA gives permission (licence) for copying of certain types of works by a wide range of organisations including educational institutions, governments and corporations. These organisations pay a fee that allows them to copy the works that COSOMA represents. The payment is usually for the volume of copying done by a licensee and not payment for the copying of specific works. In other words, it is a blanket licence.


COSOMA distributes the lump sum licence fees to rights-holders in the most efficient and equitable manner.



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